What & When?

Beginning 2 & 4-line kites:

Our 2 & 4-line kites reflect the ability to understand the mechanics of flying a full-size kite used for kitesurfing/kiteboarding or snow kiting.


Prices (per hour):Cost includes: Kite rental

• Adults (ages18+) $80 

• Children* (ages 17 and under) $39

• Cost per family: One or both parents + 2 children $90

(each additional child is $10 per child thereafter)


DEAL-Purchase 3 1-hour lessons for a discount.

Receive $10 off per hour if you buy 3 lessons at once.


PLEASE BRING: Water, sunscreen, comfortable running shoes, light jacket or wind breaker in case of colder air.


*Children 7 and up preferred.

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