What is Kitesports?


Kitesports is a fun way of learning the basics and essentials of kite flying for progressing toward other kite related sports. Kitesports is not only about flying kites it’s about embracing new physical ways of having fun, personal transportation and promoting physical fitness. By learning to fly a kite, you can incorporate new ways of using boards and kite combinations to build on your skills. It's presenting a physical challenge, strengthening core physical structure and fine-tuning gross motor skills which may promote personal confidence with rapid results and measured levels of accomplishment.


Kitesports teach a sequential learning method. Mastery of skills is gained through sequenced levels of physical and psychological challenges. Professional, experienced instruction is essential to minimize risk factors with the objective of safe and independent use.


Kite flying skills are essential to progression toward kitesurfing on the water or other land, and snow kiting options.



Penny kite Skating with a skateboard

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