• What is Kitesports?

    So you are interested in getting into kiteboarding, snowkiting or other kites sports? Learn the basics of flying 2 and 4-line kites with experienced instructors tips to take your kiting skills to new and exciting levels. Kitesports is not only about flying kites it’s about embracing new physical ways of having fun, promoting physical fitness and encouraging everyone in the family to be involved together.  It's presenting a physical challenge, strengthening core physical structure and fine-tuning gross motor skills which may promote personal confidence with rapid results and measured levels of accomplishment and enjoying the outdoors! 

  • What We Teach!

    Kitesports teach a sequential learning method with
    2 and 4-line kites. Mastery of skills is gained through sequenced levels of physical and psychological challenges. Professional, experienced instruction is essential to minimize risk factors with the objective of safe and independent use. Your kiting lessons can be adapted to use in many areas outdoors, and the perfect beginning for kitesurfing, snow kiting and land kiting just to name a few.


  • Healthy Benefits

    Kitesports offers a very safe and exciting learning program to have fun. We welcome participants of all ages,  physical ability or experience. Kitesports allows individuals to participate at a level of expertise that is solely based on individual abilities. Being a non–competitive sport Kitesports encourages cooperation. It takes into account students that develop at different speeds and allows those that excel to grow at a pace that suits them. Kitesports is a confidence builder and teaches students focus, coordination, safety awareness and responsibility for self and others.

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